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Barcelona, thank you for such a warm welcome

I was so moved by such a gorgeous, crazy and enigmatic city.

Gabriel García Márquez

I can't deny it. There's something about Barcelona that I love. It might be its wide variety of cultural activities, Dalí's art in every corner, its beauty or that kind of bohemian free atmosphere that surrounds everything. Every time I go, I feel the same way. I feel welcomed... I feel at home.

This time I didn't have any pre-arranged plans. I got there thinking that I would just go with the flow and your proposals?

I'm an extremely lucky girl who is so grateful to meet such interesting people and who gets to live so many new amazing experiences with them. I've visited new, smaller and less well-known areas of Barcelona that are just as magical. I've walked along its beaches at night and I've woken up in a hotel with the best possible views of the city. All of that, thanks to the "Alma Experience". You can only imagine how gratifying and exciting it is.

I wish I could stay a bit longer in this beautiful city, but soon I'll have to return to my beloved Madrid.

So, regardless of whether we have met before or not, if you are from Barcelona and you'd like to have an encounter with me do not hesitate to contact me. Remember that I always schedule my encounters some time in advance, so don't wait until the last minute or we might not be able to see each other.

You know you deserve this.

Send me a message, treat yourself.

Live the "Alma Experience" and find out what makes me a unique companion and a specialist when it comes to making your fantasies come true.

What is your ideal plan?



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