• Alma

I´m back!

Hello everyone! I'm back! It has been six months since I appeared on this blog. And is that, as many of you already know, I have been inactive as a companion during all this time. Soon I will be available in Madrid again and I will do it with a remarkable change: my compensation.

This 2020 has been hit very hard with the consequences of Covid-19 and Spain has been one of the most affected countries at the moment. This will lead us that, to facilitate the return to normality, we should all collaborate in the way that we can. For my part, I have decided to lower my compensation from € 300 / hour to € 200 / hour (and as a rule of three, the rest of my rates).

I hope to make it easier for you to see or meet again if we have not already done so.

I want to clarify that I only lower my compensation, not the level of my involvement, nor the quality of my meetings. I emphasize that whenever I have done this, it has been because I like it, it amuses me and I find it very exciting. And that has not changed at all. My goal is to continue enjoying your company, fulfilling fantasies (both yours and mine) and do my bit to make this world a more pleasant and exciting place.

Very soon I will be available for appointments again. Until then, many kisses !!

Do you want to make an appointment with me? Send me an email and we'll talk !!