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We all have certain fetishes that we enjoy, right?

Mine, without a doubt, is lingerie.

It's definitely my favourite piece of clothing, I particularly like lace lingerie. I have countless of them in my closet.

Some people collect old books or vinyl records. I collect underwear that I can also wear, LOL. I like to thing it's not just any type of lingerie, only special items that fit me particularly well. When it comes to sensuality as well as sexuality, lingerie should be like a second skin, in harmony with your body.

Take a look at the following videos, to know exactly what I mean.

As I mentioned before, everybody has their own preferences. These are the brands that have always caught my eye (as well as those of my lovers):





as this is my favourite, check out this extra video, too!:

so? what do you think? A feast for the eyes, right?

At least for me it is. A feast for the eyes that turns into lust and arousal when I see myself in the mirror, wearing lace, silk, bows and leather over my smooth body.

xx, my lovers.

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