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Sleeping naked

There are very few things that can make you feel so good for free. Now that it's getting colder, one of those small pleasures is sleeping naked.

First, I turn the heater on. As the room gets warmer and warmer, I remove layer after layer. I start by taking off my jewelry, I don't need them on my body, my wrist, my ears, my neck... Then, I take off my shoes, my jumper and those extra layers that keep me warm out there in the cold...

All I'm wearing is my underwear... My beloved lingerie. Have I ever told you how much I love lingerie? (One day I'll write a blog post talking about it) What about how much I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror wearing lingerie? I could spend a really long time just looking at and seducing myself... I end up taking them off as well.

I love having some music in the background or singing to myself ballads from the 80s and lighting a scented candle in the room. Even if I've turned the heater on, when I'm completely naked, I always get chills down my spine. I actually like the feeling, it's like when you get in bed, the sheets still cold, and once you cover yourself with the duvet you end up feeling warm and cozy.

The best part is when I'm completely naked, under the sheets and blankets, I feel the fabric caressing my skin. My hands take over. I get goosebumps. I want more. More action. More love.

But that, my dear readers, I'll talk about another time...



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